Monday, 4 November 2013

Allsorts of Fun -Office Chair to Sewing Chair with Style! Plus Kasia Burda Skirt Picture Update

The chair I bought from the charity warehouse near me cost 3 Euros and looked a bit like this without the rips:

It was perfectly fine structurally, but a bit grungy looking since it had been left out in the rain.

All it needed was a bit of TLC!

I bought some foam and fabric... took the old bits off and duct taped the new bits on... et voila:

I love how it looks now; it's also the first swivel chair I've ever actually owned! It's much better than my old standard chair i used when I sewed because I can adjust the height and spin around to reach things on the table behind me!

The fabric is from if you're interested, I saw a dress on Burdastyle made from it and it made me want some too!

I plan to buy a staple gun to make it more permanent and fore future refashions, but I'm very happy with how it turned out!

p.s. I have finally taken decent pictures of my Burdastyle Kasia Skirt from a previous post. Here they are:



Front Flap - hiding a multitude of errors!

I love the pockets in this skirt and while the are bits of it that I'm not happy with it was my first proper skirt and can be seen as a very wearable muslin!

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