Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Anthroplogie Knock-off Bow Bag

Anthroplogie Knock-off Bow Bag

Yesterday the sewing urge was too strong to resist and I spent a very pleasant afternoon watching sitcoms and sewing this bag from a tutorial by The Little Appleseed! I found it via Pinterest and while I haven't copied the colours in the original (so I could use up fabric from my stash) I loved the shape and design. 

This is her version - very classy!
And a mother and daughter variation!
I had a pink cotton table cloth from a charity shop that was great for the bow and lining because it was really sturdy, meaning the bag would be robust and the bow nice and crisp.
I used a grey thin patterned cotton (could be lawn print?) for the body, and I think the two go well together.

This is my version!

Rear view!

A bit of a close up

Bow and little flowers

It is a biiig bow - but I think it looks good!

A few other bloggers have made this bag:

Anzouya from
One from The Few, The Proud, The Wife

And one from Cut out and by Modesty Fashions
The last one actually has a tutorial that goes with it too.
So now that you have two tutorials to show you how to sew this bag, what are you waiting for?! I'd love to see your versions, leave me a link to your blog in the comments and I'll come and have a look.

Thanks for reading, 

Anna x.

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  1. Lovely bag, perfect for summer and a great way of using a tablecloth!