Monday, 4 November 2013

Self-made Undies, Knit Dress from Dixie DIY Pattern

This is my second attempt at making knickers from So-Zo's pattern and tutorial as blogged about previously.

These are made from a tank top which had a pretty flower motif - I think it works well on the undies!

I trimmed them with lace elastic from pairs that no longer fit me, unfortunately this makes them a little too snug around the legs, but you live and learn!

Rear view!

Anyway they are comfy enough and I'm pleased with the result! Need to make a few more pairs now!

The second item I'm blogging about today is a knit dress which I made in August. The pattern is Dixie DIY's t-shirt dress pattern (free) and the fabric is a black and cream spotty knit. It is very comfy and I wear this dress a lot.

 Not sure whether it was me or the photographer who kept making the pictures blur...

... but blur they did!

Not sure if the flash helped!

Anna x

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