Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Sorbetto Top (First blouse!)

Good Morning (or afternoon, evening etc, depending on where you are and when you read this...!)

After watching the Great British Sewing Bee over about 2 days on Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DI0rLz40wgE) and becoming addicted because it is so amazing, I became even more inspired to sew. I did the bag posted last time, but wanted to start on 'proper' grown up and classy clothes. It had always be my dream to make my own clothes, and now I can say that the dream has started!!

One contestant from the 'Bee, Lauren, was often seen wearing lovely sleeveless blouses and I wished I could find the pattern. After a while on the internet I discovered it was the much popular 'Sorbetto' tank by Colette patterns, and I lost no time in making one.

It is a great pattern for beginners and I really recommend you try it! There is also a Flickr group for Colette patterns so you can see what it is like before you start.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot to say, the pattern is FREE! So for those of you who didn't know about this lovely pattern (like me until two days ago...) go and have a look :).

Pattern: http://www.colettepatterns.com/shop/sorbetto

So I turned this:

Old tablecloth bought at charity shop for 50 euro cents...

Into this:

1st ever homemade bias tape!

you can find a link to 2 different ways to make this in the Sorbetto pattern :) 

and this:

I am very pleased with this top

so I wore it to someone's birthday meal
It seems that Sorbetto is very popular online and there are many variations that people have made. You can see some in the flickr on the patterns page, and I will be making and uploading my own versions soon. I think this top is addictive!

Do you have any ideas for variations? Let me know if you like the pattern and what your Sorbetto would/will be like!

Thanks for reading,

Anna x.

p.s. just looked at the final photos and decided that they are not very good (not enough detail), so better pictures will follow soon!

Picture update:

Is this pattern called paisley? I have a feeling it's something like that...

I think this top will become a summer wardrobe staple. Shame summer is coming to an end...
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