Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Green and White Lady Skater Dress... with a twist

This post is to introduce my 1st lady skater dress by Kitchykoo patterns.

I made it on a whim because I wanted something new and fun to wear to a Franz Ferdinand gig I went to in Nancy. I used some nice green and white abstract patterned cotton jersey from Abakhan picked up in a trip back home.

It certainly fitted the bill of being fun and was also very comfortable to wear for the the long trip there and back, waiting outside the venue early to ensure being in the first row, and lots of jumping and arm waving!

This was not the first time I'd seen the band, before moving to France I'd seen them 3 times in Manchester over the years.

Before the concert we went into Nancy town centre which is very beautiful and interesting. It also feels like a huge city compared to anywhere in Alsace!

Here's the twist: although I refer to it as a dress, it is in fact a top and a skirt combo! For this first wear it behaved itself mostly, but the t shirt would ride up above my belt and the skirt would ride down to leave a little strip of bare skin!

Nowadays I only wear them separately, but I still like them!

The necklace in the photos was also made for the event (I have a thing about dressing for days like this!) using some lovely brass hexagon beads I got on Etsy and some cream cord from the Bead Shop in Brighton.

A pretty dress for a lovely day! We waited after the gig and got to meet some of the band (again) :D.

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