Tuesday, 25 November 2014

A Minimalist Black Moneta

Today I want to show you my second version of Colette's Moneta dress.

I made my first version in a lovely but cheap purple ponte which I got at the Stoff Spektakel in Strasboug last year. This is an event where Dutch sellers tour around France, Germany Switzerland and Holland and maybe Lichtenstein? with their wares of fabric and haberdashery goodies. Find out more here: http://www.stoffenspektakel.nl/.

So my first version was lovely but I messed up joining the skirt to the bodice. I blame my clear elastic for not stretching enough. I tried to stretch it enough but it was under so much pressure that when I tried to sew my sewing machine actually moved, Iwas pulling so hard. But it looks fine belted, anyway.

For my second version I made the size S since I was sure there was enough stretch in this fabric - black ponte from Minerva Crafts who had (and still have I think) £2.99 international shipping no matter how much you buy!

I felt very minimalist when I wore this dress for the first time to teach in. My style is usually a bit more colourful and quirky, but sometimes it's nice to wear something that doesn't attract looks all the time. People really dress quite plainly in Haguenau, a town in Alsace. Where I work in Strasbourg, there are lots of tourists and more colourful dressing, so I feel a bit more at home with full skirts and high waisted tops there!

My necklace is  a King George VI schilling that I've had for a while with a jump ring attached, but no nice chain to put it on. While dissecting another necklace the other day I thought they would make perfect partners. I have just found out also that my boyfriend (engineer) can drill holes in coins at work. Now all I have to do is choose some prized specimens from my coin collections (preferably ones I have multiples of) and I can have lots of coin jewellery.

Living away from your home county can by tough at times and it;s just a nice symbol to wear coins from your native county.

The neckline on my first Moneta was soo low at the back so I raised the back neckline on this version and lowered the front neckline a little. As you can see I should have raised the back more because it's still quite deep. Although I like the look, I can't stand having a cold upper back/neck!

So all in all, am I happy with this Moneta?


My arms look unusually long in this picture. Which is strange because I have to shorten all pattern sleeves by several inches!

I'd love to hear your experiences with Moneta, especially the neckline.

Do you hate to have a cold neck too?!

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